Africa – Zimbabwe Lifecare

The Stumpjump Foundation is developing a project to assist Senator Sekai Holland and her husband Jim in their efforts to provide a future for around twenty vulnerable children in Zimbabwe currently in their care and living in their home in Harare. This project will provide the means to expand provision of safety and hope to several hundreds of similar children through caring, learning, and the development of skills and opportunity in agriculture.

The Zimbabwe Lifecare Project is based on knowledge and expertise from Australian agricultural professionals, supported by professionals in education, environmental management, healthcare and humanities from both Australia and Central Africa. It starts with the provision of protection and healthy home-grown food, and progresses to the development of training and lifetime skills in agriculture, land management, and food production.

The Zimbabwe Lifecare Project has a ten year plan, and will be delivered in association with the small support trust in Zimbabwe – Fair Go for Kids, established by Sekai and Jim Holland and the recently established Zimbabwe Peace Centre at Midlands State University, Gweru, Zimbabwe.

During the Africa Australia Association conference in Melbourne in October 2015, Stumpjump formalised an MOU with The Midlands State University and also facilitated Newcastle University to also enter into a University to University MOU.

Part of this is having access to agricultural land which is part of the University. We aim to establish a demonstration farm with buildings suitable for conversion to accommodation and education purposes. It will provide food for the centre to be self-sufficient, and will also provide education, skills, and training for the children in both life skills and agriculture. Over time, the children will continue to develop skills in modern agriculture and food production. The young adults armed with good skills and knowledge in agriculture can then provide extension and outreach services to surrounding regions

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